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Kinigi, Gashaki Musanze NO

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House In Nothern Province

Kinigi, Gashaki Musanze NO

The property is located in Musanze formerly known as Ruhengeri. Musanze is the fourth largest town in
Rwanda and is quickly growing into a bustling metropolis. The Musanze district is one of thirty districts
in all of Rwanda and one of five districts in the Northern Province. The Northern Province is the smallest
province in Rwanda (other than the city of Kigali), but it is also the most densely populated with an
estimated (as of 2009) 1,650,704 inhabitants. Each district in Rwanda is divided into Sectors, which are
then divided into Cells, which are split up into Umudugudus or Villages. The Musanze district is split up
into 15 Sectors, 68 Cells, and 432 Umudugudus/Villages, which brings the population to approximately
350,069 inhabitants.
Situated at an altitude of 1,850m, Musanze has one of the most agreeable climates in Rwanda. Warm
and breezy days are followed by cooler nights in which it is not surprising to find most Rwandans in a
light sweater. However, depending on the time of year, April and May bring about the heaviest rains,
whereas October and November have a much more moderate rainy period. Average amount of rainfall
during the rainy seasons is 1,000-1,200mm per month.

It has spacious over looks of the Mountains for example;
1.Mountain Karisimbi view 1 km a way from the house
2.Mountain Sabyinyo view 2 kilometres away from the house.
3.Mountain Gahinga 2 kilometers away from the house.

Icyo ubivugaho cyangwa ibitekerezo(ntibigaragarira abandi)
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Joseph Shyaka
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